Wilshire Words: A Poem

What is it about Wilshire 
that makes it the equator 
of our fair city? 
Is it the Berlin Wall 
of Beverly Hills 
& South City? 
The great wall of 
housekeepers & 
porcelain pretty? 
Wilshire is glamourous 
& gritty, quintessential 
all city... 
It personifies all 
that is Los Angeles.. 
pockets of people 
pack the boulevard 
cars cars cars.. 

Monuments & mendicants 
mix on Wilshire, 
single room occupants 
keep moving.. 
The itinerant immigrants 
works Wilshire as its 
Wilshire is its source.. 
the rapidly moving artery 
in the city's big body 
All aboard!! 
Cops & Protestants, 
fake i-d's & intoxicants, 
transplants & land grants 
Wilshire's plan enchants 
the populace.. 
A smorgasbord of 
textures & sensations.. 
architecture, culture.. 
Wilshire is a river 
like the Nile 
or Mississippi.. 
Wilshire is a small 
galaxy of Villages, 
pockets, neighborhoods.. 
Is it Rampart Koreatown 
or Historic Filipinotown? 
One Wilshire 
MacArthur Park 
Pico Union 
MTA west to Western 
Old jazz musicians who 
played at the Cocoanut Grove 
used to drink early at 
the H.M.S. Bounty.. 
Park Mile extends out 
of Koreatown 
I walked down Wilshire 
on stretches east of Crenshaw 
glad to be on the boulevard.. 
One man in a sea of cars.. 
the big old buildings make 
me feel small, concrete canyons 
glass & steel.. 
Wilshire is where fathers & sons 
drove to talk about the world 
the speedway opens up 
past Beverly Hills 
ask Christian Slater & Axl Rose.. 
All aboard: Wilshire!! 
Wilshire is where 
dreams are made 
& tragedy plays 
side by side.. 
Hundred thousand 
dollar car$ wait at 
red lights right 
next to guys panhandling 
on the side 
sitting on the busstop.. 
Green light & they're off 
but for just a second 
their energy intersects.. 
Wilshire is the crossroads! 
213 323 310.. 
Three different area codes, 
taco trucks & TV episodes 
Wilshire explodes art deco 
skyscraper boulevard 
all the way to the ocean 
about 16 miles.. 
Wilshire Words 
there aren't enough 
words for Wilshire..