Education at the L.A. Conservancy

The Los Angeles Conservancy brings local history to life for students. We explore the role of people and places important to Los Angeles' history through a variety of interactive programs and online resources.

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Learn more about our Student Programs at our in-person Tours for Teachers on November 5- Register now! 

In-Person and Virtual Student Field Trips

Take your students on one or more of our engaging in-person or virtual tours: Historic DowntownUnion StationA Woman's Place (Union Station and Chinatown). Recommended for grades 3-12. 

In-Person and Virtual Student Workshops

Bring L.A. history to your classroom with one of our interactive multi-session in-person or virtual workshops: Discover L.A.'s Broadway or Adventures and Architecture (now offering three different neighborhood exploration options: Burbank, Lincoln Heights, Westlake/MacArthur Park). Recommended for grades 3-12.

People + Places: A Book List for Kids

Introduce kids to stories about places, architecture, and preservation. Plus, download our Reading Guides for questions and activities related to each book.

Online Resources

Enjoy activity videos, printables, and other educational resources that bring L.A. history directly to your classroom.


Major funding for the Los Angeles Conservancy's educational programs is provided by the LaFetra Foundation and the Kenneth T. and Eileen L. Norris Foundation.