Marilyn Monroe Residence

The nomination will soon head to the full City Council for a vote.


The house where the legendary Marilyn Monroe lived is now at risk. You can help!

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12305 Fifth Helena Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90049
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Good news, on March 5th, at the City of Los Angeles Planned Land Use and Management Meeting (PLUM), the Marilyn Monroe Residence cleared yet another hurdle on its journey toward Historic-Cultural Monument (HCM) designation. The nomination will soon head to the full City Council for a vote. 

The owners of the house have recently announced their intent to offer the house up for relocation. While never a first choice, the Conservancy appreciates this consideration and believes HCM designation can not only allow for possible relocation but also help guide it appropriately.

News first broke in September, 2023 about the planned demolition of Monroe’s former home, prompting widespread concern and the September 8th initiation of a Historic-Cultural Monument (HCM) nomination, thanks to Councilmember Traci Park.

Hollywood’s iconic “blonde bombshell” Marilyn Monroe left us way too soon, and now her house where she lived—and died in 1962—may also be lost if we don’t act quickly. Previous owners filed plans to build a new house on the site of Monroe’s 1929 Spanish, hacienda-style home in Brentwood, and current owners are seeking to have the house demolished, whereby clearance for a demolition permit was nearly in place. While identified in 2013 by the City’s SurveyLA program as being potentially historic, the house is currently unprotected.

HCM designation would still allow owners to update and even expand the house if desired, but local designation ensures its essential character, and Monroe’s association, is maintained.

On January 18, the City’s Cultural Heritage Commission (CHC) recommended approval for the Marilyn Monroe Residence Historic-Cultural Monument (HCM). It headed to the City Council, first to the Planning and Land Use Management (PLUM) Committee, and then to the full City Council for a final vote. The Conservancy greatly thanks Heather Goers, who prepared the HCM nomination on behalf of the City.

Below is testimony by the Conservancy shared with the CHC:

The Conservancy strongly supports this nomination and thanks Councilmember Park for initiating it. When we tell stories about the people and women of Los Angeles, it’s fundamentally more real and tangible when we root them in the places that help illustrate their lives, contributions, and connection to LA. Few places do this better for Marilyn Monroe than her former residence. Despite living in many places in her short but highly productive 36 years, this was the first house she sought out and bought for herself and on her own while actively working. A short tenure does not diminish her impact or association, as she spoke about this house, was photographed in this house, and was actively involved in the updating of this house, saying “Anybody who likes my house, I’m sure I’ll get along with.” It meets the HCM eligibility and warrants recognition and protection.

Our Position

The Conservancy greatly thanks Councilmember Park for initiating the Historic-Cultural Monument (HCM) process.

We will continue working with Park’s office to ensure the Cultural Heritage Commission and City Council take this important house under consideration for historic protections. We believe there is a viable path to a win-win resolution.

How You Can Help

The pending Historic-Cultural Monument (HCM) nomination will next head to the City Council, first to the Planning and Land Use Management (PLUM) Committee, and then the full City Council for a final vote.

Share your thanks to Councilmember Traci Park for initiating the motion to begin the Historic-Cultural Monument (HCM) process!

There still are many steps to go before the house is fully protected. Park’s motion issued a stop-work order and began the process of preparing the HCM application. The full City Council must vote first before permanent protections take effect.

We will update this page with new action alerts as this process unfolds. Thanks to all who have expressed your support for this house!