Beverly Canon Theatre (Demolished) | Los Angeles Conservancy
Photo by Larry Underhill

Beverly Canon Theatre (Demolished)

The Beverly Canon Theatre opened as the Hitching Post in 1946, the third in a chain of three theatres devoted to westerns.

A year later, it was renamed the Beverly Canon Theatre and began screening art and foreign films. It continued as an independent film house until 1976, when Rudy Solari converted it to a repertory theatre.

The Canon Theatre continued to present live stage performances until it was closed in 2004. It was demolished the following year for a luxury hotel development.

Photo by Jacques Garnier

Miles Playhouse

John Byers designed this playhouse, dedicated to the young men and women of Santa Monica.
Photo by Jessica Hodgdon/L.A. Conservancy

Casa de Cadillac

A well-known landmark of San Fernando Valley Modernism, Casa de Cadillac has been showcasing cars continuously since 1949, but only recently has it been restored to its original grandeur.
Photo by Trudi Sandmeier

Sears Santa Monica

Marking commercial development's shift in focus from pedestrian traffic to automobile centers, Sears Santa Monica is a rare and intact example of Late Moderne style and captures the era's feeling of optimism and growth.