Monthly Membership | Los Angeles Conservancy
Monthly members enjoy instant access to benefits like walking tour discounts. Photo by Larry Underhill.

Monthly Membership

Monthly membership is the easiest way to support the Conservancy and help preserve the historic places you love.

Why become a monthly member?

It's easy!

You can "set it and forget it" with monthly payments that are automatically charged to your credit card.

It's affordable!

With monthly payments of as low as $5, you can tailor your membership to your budget.

It's fast!

You enjoy full access to your member benefits upon your first payment.

It's flexible!

You can choose the exact date of your monthly payment to meet your needs. You can also change your monthly payment amount, or cancel it, at any time. To change it, simply go to the My Membership tab of your website account. To cancel it, simply contact us at or (213) 623-2489.

It's powerful!

You're providing the Conservancy with a stable, consistent source of support for our advocacy and educational work throughout the year. Even the smallest monthly amounts add up over time to make a real impact.

How to Become a Monthly Member

If you're joining as a new member, simply click Join the Conservancy and select the Monthly payment option, then complete the form and checkout. If you don't already have an account on our website, you can create one during checkout.

If you're already a Conservancy member, you can convert your annual membership to monthly when it's time to renew, or at any time, in three easy steps:

  1. Sign into your account (or create one if you haven’t already).
  2. Click the My Membership tab in your account, then Renew Your Membership (if you don’t see membership information, contact us to connect your account with your membership record).
  3. Choose Monthly as your membership type, then complete the form and checkout.

Your first monthly payment will take place immediately, even if your annual membership is still active. Your monthly membership will start the day your annual membership expires, and your second monthly payment won’t take place until the second month of your monthly membership.

See our Membership FAQ for more information.

Questions? Contact us at or (213) 623-2489. Thank you!