Holmes Structures

Holmes Structures is part of an international building group specializing in engineering and structural analysis.

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523 W. 6th Street, Suite 1122
Los Angeles, CA 90014

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(415) 693-1760

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Nina Mahjoub

We deliver value added, tailored solutions to our clients.  As part of the New Zealand based Holmes Group, we are an international practice with over 300 professionals in nine offices including offices in Los Angeles and San Francisco, providing engineering expertise to clients along the West Coast and throughout the Pacific Region.

Our experience in the rehabilitation of existing and historic buildings is achieved by approaching each project with flexibility, fresh ideas, and quality service.  We utilize new technologies and advanced structural analysis techniques including performance based engineering to maximize value and enhance a building’s seismic performance while tailoring the new building components to work with the existing materials.  Our approach is to understand and utilize the inherent strength of existing buildings while minimizing impact to historic features.