Guide to Using CEQA

Use CEQA to Help Protect Your Community

Learn how to use the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) to protect historic places in your community.

Many people have seen the destruction of historic neighborhoods and sites without knowing that their voices could have made a difference. You have a say in how your community changes over time.

CEQA is a state law that gives you the right to know about development projects in your neighborhood and how they affect your community. It gives you a voice in the process and tools to help you protect important places, your quality of life, and the future of your neighborhood.

Provided in both English and Spanish, the guide explains more about how you can use CEQA and includes case studies describing how others have used it in different ways to prevent the demolition of significant sites.

We hope you find this resource helpful!

CEQA Guides (English/Español)

  • Using CEQA to Protect Your Community

  • Utilización de la ley CEQA para proteger a su comunidad



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