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Photo from Security Pacific Collection/Los Angeles Public Library

Criterion Theatre (Demolished)

The Kinema Theatre opened in 1917 with a Cecil B. DeMille photoplay titled "The Woman God Forgot."

In 1923, the building was gutted, rebuilt in a Byzantine style to seat over 1,800, and renamed the Criterion (the Fox chain took it over soon thereafter). In the 1930s, it was remodeled and renamed again as the Grand International.

Despite its location, about four blocks from the bustling Broadway theatre district, the International had a reputation as a bellwether for success. If a movie failed there, it generally failed everywhere.

It was razed in 1941 to make way for a parking lot.

Photo by Michelle Lee on Flickr

Chinese Theatre

Developed by impresario Sid Grauman, this world-famous theatre has been a Hollywood icon since the day it opened.