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Please note: Although some places on this map have been advocacy issues for the Conservancy, there is no direct correlation between the map and our advocacy activities. Just because a place is, or isn't, on this map does not mean that it will, or won't, be an advocacy issue for the Conservancy at some point. The map is strictly a way to highlight some of the many cultural gems in the Eastside.

Similarly, this map represents a cross section of important places in the Eastside, and new content will be added over time. Do you know of a place that should be included? Let us know!

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As shown by the diversity of these communities over time, the Eastside is home to a range of places with rooted historical, cultural, and architectural significance.

While many historic sites have been preserved and continue to offer vital community services, others have been threatened by development, lack of funding, disrepair, and other factors. In some instances, the Eastside raises important and often difficult questions about the types of places that should be preserved, particularly sites with sensitive, even painful, histories. Nonetheless, these places play an essential role in the life and storytelling of the Eastside, connecting today’s communities with a deeply textured past.