Modelling at Bullocks

In the 1960s, the Assistance League of Southern California (the oldest non-public charity organization in the city) held an annual fundraising event at Bullocks Wilshire.

Daughters of prominent families in the city (myself included) modeled dresses for Bullocks at a gala black-tie event on a Saturday night in the spring.

A huge ramp like those used in professional shows was set up on the front floor of the stage. Parents and guests came in beautiful evening gowns and tuxedos. The girls who were the most "popular" (or the most pushy) got to model wedding dresses at the end of the evening from the store's bridal salon.

Women from Bullocks Wilshire were there to help us dress. The fathers went crazy when "the bride" came out -- all in all, thousands of dollars were raised for families in L.A.

The teenage division of the ALSC still exists, called Founders Assisteens. My daughter is a member forty years later. Our events are much more modest today. The gala events of Wilshire Boulevard are a thing of the past.