2024 Preservation Awards

Now accepting applications for the 2024 Preservation Awards!
Apply by 5 p.m. on
Friday, January 5, 2024

The L.A. Conservancy is now accepting applications for our 2024 Annual Preservation Awards, honoring outstanding achievements in historic preservation in Los Angeles County. Selected by an independent jury of distinguished architects, preservation professionals, and business and community leaders, awardees will be recognized in May 2024 at a fabulous reception in a historic place in Los Angeles.


Please refer to the eligibility and qualifications listed below.

  • Construction projects (restoration, rehabilitation, or adaptive reuse of a residential, commercial, or institutional structure)
  • Preservation plans, programs, policies, or studies  
  • Interpretive and educational programs in historic preservation (courses, publications, conferences, media, installations, exhibits, etc.) 
  • Grassroots preservation efforts by an individual or group 
  • Cultural landscapes (eligible for the Royce Neuschatz Award, established to honor the former Conservancy Board member and advocate for open space in the urban environment) 

Application Requirements

Applicants will be asked to provide the following elements as a part of their application.

All projects will be asked to provide:

  • Project Type
  • Cultural Significance
  • Historic/Original Project Name
  • Current Project Name
  • Project Address
  • Project Start and End Dates
  • Applicant Contact Information

Construction projects must also include:

  • Original Architect and/or Builder 
  • Architectural Style
  • Date of Original Completion
  • Landmark Designations

A project narrative helps the jury understand the story of the project. The total word count (all sections combined) should be between 1,000 and 2,000 words.

1. Significance

Present a brief history of the project and its importance to its community and the Los Angeles area before and after its completion. In short, why this project matters.

Construction Projects: Also include the history of the property, structure, and area; general architectural description of the property and the neighborhood or surroundings, the architectural style, original use and other uses, any association with historic people or events; and any historic designations and the date of the designations.

2. Project Work

Please describe the project’s overall story, including the scope, preservation philosophy, impetus for initiating the project, the goal of the project, the people it served in the past, and who it will serve now and in the future. Your story should also include who were the people involved in making the project happen from start to finish.

Construction Projects: Also describe the use(s) of the structure, specifying restoration, rehabilitation, adaptive reuse, landscape, educational, or other. Please include what if any portions of the property were affected or unaffected by the project and the manner in which compliance with the Secretary of Interior’s Standards was ensured.

3. Condition and Challenges

Please provide context for the project’s story, including challenges, such as gaining support, funding, or financing; technical issues; development pressures; politics; or other obstacles.

Construction Projects: Include the historic building or structure condition before the project and related challenges.

4. Public Benefit

Describe the project’s overall impact, such as how it advances historic preservation in Los Angeles County and provides specific benefits to the public after project completion. Highlight how the project is a model for others, illustrating the benefits and possibilities of preservation for similar projects.

Project Team Contact List (Download .xls template)

Please provide a spreadsheet with contact information of project team members, including all professional and community members involved in the project. Template provided.

Media Assets (Uploaded to a Shareable Folder)

Media assets (video or photos) help tell the project story. Please upload the following media assets to a shareable folder (ex, Dropbox or Google Drive). A link to the folder will be requested as a part of the application process.

    • VIDEOS: We now accept videos as supporting material.  Please upload .MP4 or .MOV files or provide links to videos on YouTube or Vimeo on the Photo Credit spreadsheet (template provided).  Horizontal videos are preferred unless you are sharing social media footage of your project.
    • PHOTOS: Please upload more than 20 high-resolution photos related to the project, including three photos of the completed project. These photos help the jury visualize the project’s story, so please include historic views, shots of the project before/during/after, and images about the people impacted by the project (now or in the past).
    • PHOTO PRESENTATION: All photos must also be added to a PowerPoint Presentation. Please use the template provided and add one photo per slide with text to provide context. The PowerPoint must be uploaded to the Shareable Folder. (Download .ppt template)

Photo and Video Credits and Links
(Download .xls template)

Please provide a spreadsheet with credits for photos and videos and video links, if applicable.

By submitting these media assets, applicants grant the Conservancy permission to share all media assets (photos and video) in digital, video, and print formats. Applicant is responsible for securing permission to use media assets owned by other entities.

How to Apply

The Preservation Awards application form has changed. Applicants can now submit project information and narratives directly on our new form system and upload or provide links to supporting material.

**You can save your progress on the form and resume your application later.**

Reference Application Requirements to organize the information you will need to submit as a part of your application. You can also download our 2024 Preservation Awards Information Guide.

Add photos, graphics, video, and other media assets related to your project in a digital folder. Copy the folder onto a file-sharing service (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) and create a shareable link. You will need this link when you submit the form. 

Photo Files: Must be .JPG or .PNG files and include at least three high-resolution photographs.

Video Files: Must be .mp4 or .mov files and in standard 1980×1080 format.  

*IMPORTANT: Please use the following naming conventions in labeling the application materials.

  • PHOTOS/VIDEO: (Your Project’s Name)-(Photo Number)
  • HI-RES PHOTO: (Your Project’s Name)-HiRes-(Photo Number)

Download templates for some of the required supporting material. Then, complete them for your project.

*IMPORTANT: Please use the following naming conventions in labeling the application materials.

  • CONTACT LIST: Project Team Contacts_(Your Project’s Name)
  • POWERPOINT: Photo PPT_(Your Project’s Name)

Double-check that your information and materials are complete. Congratulations, you’re ready to submit your application!

Apply Now

Applications are due by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, January 5, 2024, with a non-refundable processing fee ($150).

We reserve the right to disqualify any application not received by the deadline, regardless of technical or delivery error. We will refund any fee payments for applications not received in time. 

Submit your application →


Below are frequently asked questions about the Preservation Awards application process.

Tell a compelling, succinct story that demonstrates the impact of your project. The Preservation Awards convey the value of historic preservation to a wide audience. Successful applications make a persuasive case for the importance of their project’s story, encompassing its:

  • Historical context
  • Specific goals and challenges
  • Benefits to the people in the community
  • Lessons learned

Describe the project’s scope of work clearly and completely. If you are nominating a project with multiple components, please include an explanation of each of the project’s elements. Remember to coordinate with other members of the project team, if needed.

Use a range of descriptive, high-quality images and videos. The media assets that accompany the application are often the only way that the jury can visualize a project. In addition to historic views and before/after shots, please include photographs of the project in process and other images with people in them, as these will help bring the story to life.

People and organizations can be nominated for a Preservation Award. Please follow the guidelines for the project narrative as they apply. For example, you should describe important accomplishments and components of the person or organization’s work, as well as the significance of their contributions to the preservation field and any challenges they may have overcome.

In your narrative, be sure to make a case for the timing of the application. If the person or organization is celebrating a significant milestone, for example, you should highlight the relevance of the award in its given year.

Conservancy staff may visit the site before the jury convenes, but not necessarily. If we need to arrange site access, we will contact the person who submitted the application. Jury members do not typically visit the project sites, which is why a compelling narrative and high-quality images and video are essential to a good application.

Yes, but the person submitting the application will be the Conservancy’s primary contact for the award cycle. They are responsible for ensuring that the application is complete and for notifying other members of the project team of the award. All applicants will be notified of the jury’s decision.

Applications for the 2024 Preservation Awards are due on Friday, January 5, 2024, by 5:00 p.m. We will confirm that your application is complete within a week. We will follow up separately if we need to coordinate a site visit.

All applicants will be notified of the jury’s decisions in the spring before publicly announcing the award recipients.


If you have any questions, please consult our Application FAQs or contact us at advocacy@laconservancy.org.