Question 4: Is there any way to find a "win-win" solution?

Yes. It requires a willingness to make concessions and find middle ground. Only one true preservation alternative was considered as part of environmental review process. Although limited and in need of further refinement, this alternative does retain at least half of Wyvernwood and maintains its eligibility for the National Register of Historic Places.

The alternative can be improved to better address circulation and integrate new development and density along the edges of Wyvernwood. Fifteen Group’s own analysis shows that this solution meets many of their project’s objectives while causing the fewest adverse environmental effects. If embraced by both Fifteen Group and the City, this alternative could offer a true mixed-use, mixed-income project without resulting in any significant time delays.

As with any “win-win” solution, this alternative does represent a compromise. It does not preserve all of Wyvernwood, but it does retain the core of the community and provide for a meaningful level of preservation.

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