The Apple Pan


The Apple Pan

Beloved West Los Angeles burger spot.

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10801 W. Pico Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90064
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Founded by Ellen and Alan Baker in 1947, The Apple Pan is a neighborhood landmark in West Los Angeles serving up burgers and pies to a loyal clientele. The small, yet enduring restaurant features a U-shaped counter and plenty of charm. The menu includes original family recipes from the Bakers and Gambles from the American Midwest, dating back as early as 1881. These families eventually made their way out west and made a living sharing their food with their customers.

As the neighborhood changed around them over the years, many potential buyers expressed interest in the storied restaurant. In 2019, third generation owner Sunny Sherman sold the business to entertainment mogul Irving Azoff and his wife, Shelli. According to Sherman, the Azoffs were longtime customers and had experience running a successful business. They vowed to preserve the legacy of The Apple Pan, though they intend to make some adjustments to the service and experience. For example, the longtime cash-only business will finally accept credit cards and they may look into opening on Mondays. The Azoffs have purchased the recipes and contents of the restaurant, but the land itself is still owned by the founding family. According to Shelli Azoff, “We’ve made a promise that we intend to keep. We’d like to keep the small family business alive, and maintain what Sunny and her family spent a lifetime building.”