Zucky's exemplified the space-age Googie coffee shop.

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431 Wilshire Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90401
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Founded by brothers Hy and Fred Altman along with Hy's wife, Wolfine Zucky, Zucky's Restaurant exemplified the space-age Googie style that proliferated after World War II, particularly for Southern California coffee shops.

Floor-to-ceiling plate glass walls, natural rock, glazed tile, and angled canopies supported an integrated sign pylon that advertised the business with a sweeping, backlit plastic, neon Zucky's logo.

Residents fondly recall visiting Zucky's, one of the few Santa Monica coffee shops that were open 24 hours a day.

As of 2005, the long-shuttered eatery was slated for commmercial conversion, while its 1962 signage was declared a city landmark. The building currently houses a bank.

Jacques Garnier | Zucky's Restaurant
Jacques Garnier
Jacques Garnier | 2005.